Our Mission: Providing Quality Healthcare Solutions at an Affordable Price

Today’s healthcare industry is facing a growing patient population, increasing competition between facilities, and new regulations driving cost accountability based on patient outcome rather than services provided. Given these increasing challenges, facilities must ensure their vacuum and gas equipment operate effectively, efficiently, and are in accordance with the latest NFPA 99 version.

EMS Healthcare is focused on helping facility managers meet these challenges by developing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality gas monitoring and mitigation systems at affordable prices. Our products feature simple, yet innovative designs that integrate highly reliable components to meet NFPA standards in industrial environments like central vacuum pump rooms and medical gas manifold rooms.

With over 86 years of combined engineering and management experience, EMS Healthcare is able to develop new products at affordable prices by utilizing established project management and manufacturing practices that maximize value and minimize waste. Our lean practices ultimately reduce our operating costs which, in turn, enable healthcare facility managers to be successful in today’s environment.